Enter Your Buck


  1. Minimum score of 115 for typical and 135 for non-typical* antlers.
  2. To be listed, all antlers must have been taken by bow and arrow method in any county within the state of Missouri.
  3. All antlers must have a drying period of sixty days (at room temperature) before official measurement.
  4. All deer taken must have been taken according to the then-current rules and regulations of the Missouri Department of Conservation and also the rules of fair chase as outlined by the Pope and Young Club.

Effective January 1, 2011, the Pope & Young Club put into effect that in order for a deer to be entered into the club as a non-typical, it must have a minimum of 15” of irregular or atypical antler. The Pope & Young minimum for non-typical whitetail deer is 155”. The ABBM minimum for non-typical whitetail deer is 135”. However, we also require 15” of irregular or atypical antler in order to register the animal as non-typical. If your deer has less than 15” of atypical antler, it must be entered as a typical whitetail deer.


Complete the membership application form and mail with the following:
  1. A $15.00 check payable to Archery Big Bucks of Missouri.
  2. An official score sheet (front and back including measurer’s and witness’ signature. Photocopies are accepted (front & back).
  3. If you have a photograph of you and your trophy in the field and wish to have it published on this web site, please include it with your entry. By sending your photo you are implying ABBM’s right to publish the photo on this web site. Please label the back of the photo with your name and score of the trophy.
  4. Mail to Dr. Jeff Smith, 4501 N. Old Barclay Ridge Road, Columbia, MO 65202-9846
Questions? Please contact Recording Secretary Dr. Jeff Smith. E-mail smithcj@health.missouri.edu or call 573.445.2030

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